Little Swiss Sister

What defines home?

Place where you were born, where you grew up, where your family is. And sometimes it is the place, where your mountains are. Where you feel like nowhere in the world. When you take one breath, look around you and you know. All the pieces of the puzzles of your life get together and create this reality for you. And it’s part of you. You feel like you belong. And you do.

For last two years Chamonix became my second first home. And here I am again, this time in Orsières, at the start line, with happy nervous smile on my face, buzzing with energy and looking forward to start. OCC, little Swiss sister, I was waiting for you for two years and I fell for you straight away.

But in running just like in love and life, you encounter lows, highs, ups and downs. And you learn a lot.

That running in known environment makes such a difference.

That trail running community is the best.

That once you stuck with someone 20k in, you will be stuck together until the finish line.

That if you’re not professional trail runner, you shouldn’t enter races on monthly basis.

That you may set up your own cut offs and miss them.

That even finishing 2 hours later than planned, still can make you feel like the winner if you’re running through centre of Chamonix.

That UTMB is the Olympics of Trail Running.

That pure raw emotions are the best.

That you may fall apart, but get back together and fly 8k downhill loving every single stride.

That you have tears in your eyes knowing you don’t do this only for you.

That you do it for all the people who believe in you.

That no matter what, but it’s just running.

And it means the world to you.

That you will always stop and ask others if they’re doing ok.

That you don’t need the language skill to understand.

That simple smile can change the world.

That the sound of cow bells will always make you happy.

That smile from your running legend from podium feels so super special.

That people care.

That there is hope in this terrible world.

That the last UTMB finisher is taken from the finish line straight to the podium.

That it’s ok to cry, show emotions and be pathetic.

I loved my little Swiss sister finishing in my home town.

What’s next? One year to become twice the runner I’m now. As I’m hoping to see my Swiss sister next year again, but I might visit the big Italian brother first.


Well, I said it out loud finally.34094976

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