Question Madness


Why live a life that’s perceived as mad?
Everyone has a story. Story of its own madness.
My mad love story with running started in December 2012. We moved to London few months back and I was getting a bit lost. So I went for a run. With first (and so far last) snow in London. Normal people stayed at home. I went for run. Did about 3k but it made me so happy. This feeling of happiness persists since then. That is what drives me, moves me forward and keeps me going. Being stubborn forces me not to give up even when the feeling of happiness is long gone, even when it is pointless and there are no lights.

Running felt natural and I was bouncing the streets of concrete jungle on regular-ish basis. Little did I knew that watching one of Seb‘s Get Ready For videos will change me, redefine me and move me to places and distances I never thought of. But the seed took root, and a tiny baobab started growing in the soil of my mind. Happy New Year 2013 and there I was in Gran Canaria running my first ever trail race. 30k as I felt the urge to redefine the fine line between stupidity and challenge.


Fast forward to October 2016. 5 marathons and 11 ultras later. Often being told I’m mad, I usually take it as a complement. If you’ve never tried, you will never know. The last few k when you already know, you made it, that you got this, the occasional tear in your eye, the feeling of being so present, achieving your own goal which for some is mad, but means the world for you. This is what I’m made of. This is what defines me. That’s why I’m so strong yet so fragile. The pain. The joy. The struggle. The inner smile. The comfort zone. Forget about the comfort zone. The hunger. The thirst. The hot sweet tea. The smile of a volunteer. The one day of your life. Which feels like your whole life. The frustration. The passion. The cow bells. Question madness. Or go and define yours.

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