One of the CCCrowd


You don’t have to be the best, the fastest, the most prepared, the most competitive. Running is amazing, so many different people, so many different stories, so many characters. Yet we have something in common.

That something, that something that sits deep inside. That little sick thing that loves the pain. Overcoming the pain. Be part of the pain. Enjoying the easy miles, suddenly flying when your feet touch the ground, feeling the burning tears in your eyes when you see the finish line. The moment when you already know, you know you got this, that you will get there, so you pick up the rest of your broken body and you sprint to the finish line. Through the main street, around Super U, around Intersport, another corner, another corner and here you are. You did it, you won it for yourself, for the crowds, for your husband, for all the friends. And just like that, you are done.

You don’t have to be the best. I’m certainly not. I will always be somewhere in the end of mid-pack or rather somewhere front-ish in the back-pack. Why would I think I’m someone special then? Well I don’t. I’m just like everyone else. One of the crowd. Just like everyone else. And that makes me special, that what inspires people. Because we love to identify with someone as normal and average as they are.

When I was standing on the start line in Orsiers in 2016 I knew I will sign up for CCC for 2017. And I signed up. Because it fell rude not to. And I had all the points. And my stubbornness that gets me to places. And it’s in Chamonix. But I didn’t wanted the spot. Still I sneaked out to Courmayeur in November last year and did recce for the first climb. And I hated it. I loved it. And I wanted more. And then I got the spot for CCC. I couldn’t say no. It’s Chamonix in the end. Place where my heart comes to life.

Why would someone who lives in London be keen to climb mountains? Because they define me, make me feel, feel present, nothing else matters. It’s the best therapy.

Everyone has a story. Life story. Running story. Not that long time ago I was party girl. And I couldn’t care less about any form of exercise because going to parties was highlight of my weekend. I think I hated myself. There is no reason why would I do it to myself otherwise. If you are sad, depressed and lonely, it is so easy to cover yourself in make up, heels, drinking, dancing and not caring. No one will notice. No one will care. Fast-forward.

I started running after 3 months of living in London. In December 2012. Because it was snowing (and it never snows in here). I would have never thought how it will change my life forever.

How many miles and smiles. How many great people. How giving back to the running community will become something that makes it all worthwhile. That I won’t be lonely. Even being alone. That I will grow up as human, as person, as runner, as myself.

I always say: it is just running. But I know deep inside, that this ‘just running’ means as much as ‘just me’. And honestly, I don’t know if I will make it to the finish line. But I won’t find out until I will try.

CCC: Courmayeur – Champex – Chamonix

Mountain race, with numerous passages in high altitude (>2500m), in difficult weather conditions (night, wind, cold, rain or snow), that needs a very good training, adapted equipment and a real capacity of personal autonomy.




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