Capture Trails with Stance

Dare to be different or How one pair of colorful socks can brighten up your run.

If you are a runner, socks are as important as good shoes. Found my perfect running shoes long time ago but was bit lost in the socks field. Used to love the swoosh anti-blisters but after few washes, they had the tendency to shrank to doll size feet. So I gave up. Luckily I have smart running friends. And I love colors. And cool patterns. And new ideas. And high socks go so well with running skirts. And they match my shoes. And are bit cushioned. And soft. And look really cool. Yes, you get it right. Stance was the answer.

About 10 colorful pairs later, Stance launched new Spring-Summer ’17 collection and decided to celebrate the best possible way. In conjunction with Runner’s Need they organised a social trail run in secret location focused on running, photography and all the social stuff.


I was lucky enough to get a spot via Freestak, so with a big smile on, I joined the squad on Saturday morning. Bright and early we all met in front of Runner’s Need, got in the bus and were taken to Devil’s Punch Bowl. It was great to see so many familiar faces. Same for meeting in person some of the people I’ve been following on Instagram for a while. It is a small world here in our big London.

We kicked off by some (much needed) coffee and trail running photo workshop led by professional sports photographer James Carnegie. When it comes to Instagram pictures, all of us have seen those super saturated pictures of skies with #skyporn or those eye-level-long-hand-selfies. Less is always better and the magic ‘Lux’ on top of the pic usually does the trick when it comes to me. Hence it was super useful to hear more about framing, composition, lighting, gradients and other techniques. Equipped with all the knowledge, we were sent into the woods to practice what we’ve just learned.

In small groups of 5-6 with running leader we played in the puddles, flew downhill, practiced panning and had way too much fun while doing what we love most in such a beautiful environment. And we took pictures. Loads of pictures.

Back in the ‘base camp’ we were treated to lunch and given time to choose, edit and upload pictures to Instagram. With around 30 people in the room and everyone staring into their phones, somehow, it didn’t felt antisocial for once.

The workshop definitely paid off as two of my pics made it to the shortlist and one was picked up as 1 of 3 winning shots.

Big big big ‘Thank You’ to Stance, Runner’s Need, James & Freestak for such a great day, knowledge, banter, laughter and meeting new like-minded people. And the Stance socks of course! They performed quite well on yesterday’s marathon in hail.

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