You Are Not That Important.

“It’s nice when you read something and it sounds like the persons voice” – is probably the nicest compliment I’ve ever got. On my writing. Writing? I don’t really write. I just put few words together from time to time. And I always feels so insecure when writing in English.

Insecure. Because everyone is watching. Because everyone is judging. Because oh my, what will they think of you?! They will remember your embarrassment forever. But darling: You are not that important.

Because you are not. Self-consciousness is your biggest enemy. What others think, how you appear to them, if you haven’t done anything strange yet again. How you compare with others. Being watched. Being compared. Being judged.

But the truth is, people don’t pay that much attention to us, as we always fear they are. And if in some particular moment they actually are, well the truth is, they are not going to remember it forever. Be passionate and happy about what you do. It is what people appreciate. You don’t have to be the best to make sure that people like you. That people see you. Do what you love. No matter if you excel in it or if you are below average. As long as you like it for yourself. Those who matter, will be happy for you.

And that is what matters. You don’t need anyone’s approval. You don’t need anyone to admire you. You don’t need to prove anything to anyone. You just need to be true to yourself. Honest.

So you are posting all the pictures on how happy you are, how every day is a bliss, all the perfect angled workout poses, all the smoothies and inspirational stuff… And then someone will see you during a race being so very uncomfortable. Was it just a pose? And here, they will judge you because you wanted to be so important and forgot to be yourself.

We don’t need superheroes. We need genuine honest people who have stories. Who have bad days. Who failed. And it took them few days to stand up again. Those who lost the motivation. Those who eat pizza instead of holistic grains after 50k run. Those with bruised knees. With hole in the sock. Those who have stories rather than inspirational quotes from internet. Those who doubt. Those who are one of the crowd.

I wrote all this beautiful inspiring empowering words above. And some part of me is still wondering how many grammar mistakes I made writing this. And how many of you will spot them and judge me. But that’s ok, I never claimed to be perfect.


Beautiful picture ‘How Proud I am to be Woman’ from Women Run Strong event organised by Susie Chan and Kelly Roberts.

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