I don’t need your sympathy. I need your smile.

All the questions. And no answers. It’s been a week. And I’m tired. Not that much because I can’t run. But I’m tired of all the questions. How long will I have the boot? How long until I can run? I appreciate you care. I do. But please stop. Please stop asking. It makes me sad to repeat the same story all over again. And trust me, I’m more curious than you are. But I don’t know. And I can’t rush it.

Follow up next week. MRI soon. As soon as the bone is healed I’m starting again slowly. Yes slowly. Please don’t worry. And no, I won’t lose fitness. And yes, I lost endurance already. I’m on a wave going up and down. Yes, it is shit. Yes, I’m better than this. Yes, there is so much to do. Yes, there are things I can’t do. Yes, I can rest. Yes, I have nothing to rest from.

But I’m not missing out. I’m still rocking up for Never Stop London trainings. I just don’t run. No, don’t give me the sad face every-single-time you see me. Please, don’t be sorry for me. As it makes me feel sorry for myself. And I don’t want to be sorry for myself. I do go to gym. With the stupid boot on. I walk in the swimming pool. And it is the most boring thing ever. Not to mention I hate water. I do eat healthy. I take all the supplements. I’m getting blood tests. I’m trying to keep my chin up.

Don’t be sorry for me. I’m staying positive through it all. To inspire. To remove the stigma of injuries. Because people think that being an injured runner is the biggest trauma ever. End of the world. Darkness approaching. Oh common! It is not. Injuries happen. Learn from them. Think what caused them. Avoid repeating mistakes in the future. Most of my friends been injured in the past. Or are right now. Yet, they are still alive and rocking the training once recovered. Being injured doesn’t mean you are dead. Or that you will lose all your friends. Or that suddenly you are not interested in running.

I’m still alive. I still have both legs. I still have friends. I still talk about running.

I don’t need your sympathy. I need your smile.


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